About Me

Paddy Mack

Paddy is a Southern California based Photographer, Videographer, and licensed Drone Pilot. With all of todays tools at our disposal he hopes to create feeling with his images and videos.


Paddy has had the privlage of shooting for clients like: Michelobe Ultra, Whistle Sports, Plantronics, Kia, SharkWheel, Red Bull, Adobe, éS Footwear, Discover Boating, Rasta Clat, Freestyle Watches, and Body Glove Girl to name a few. With his curiosity and eagerness to learn, he is comfortable shooting from land, air, or water.


Paddy has also been a competing professional skimboarder for the last 10+ years for Victoria Skimboards.  For the last 3 years he has been the prime photographer and videographer for the 3x World Champion Skimboarder Amber Torrealba.